Galvanised steel mobile posts. Fastened by anchorings. Class C

Training volleyball posts, made out of galvanised steel Ø90mm, adjustable net height from 2.1m to 2.43m by sliding system, net tension by winch with crank.

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HeightAdjustable from 2.10m to 2.43m
MaterialGalvanised steel
Cross section typeRound
Cross section dimension90mm
Net tensionExternal winch system


The socketed training volleyball posts are made out of Ø90mm galvanised steel, white powder coated.
The net height can be adjusted by sliding bar with rail along the posts from 2.10m to 2.43m.
Height can be set also at 1.07m for tennis and 1.55m for badminton.
Net tension by external winch with crank.
Sockets are not included.

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Height adjustable: suitable for Tennis/Badminton/Volleyball 

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Easy tensioning thanks
to the external winch

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Quick height adjustment thanks
to the slider assembly on either post

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Adhesive height adjustment ruler