Surfing board

The new design of surfing board provides a good solution for practicing the hip muscles on either side of abdominals.

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MaterialZinc plated steel
ColorBlue and grey


New outdoor fitness range conform to European Norm NF EN 16630. The main frame made of zinc plated steel with powder coated.

Features: This module is ideal to reinforce the hip muscles on either side of abdominals.

Placing your footon the support and grab the handles. Move your lower body from left to right. Try to keep your chest as still as possible for a better efficiency.

-Be carefulduring the access and egress to the module
-Only one person at a time
-Do not jumpon the module

-This equipment is dedicated to adults and teenagers over 1400 mm.
-Maximum authorized weigth: 120 kg
-Not recommaned for pregnant women and for people suffering from heart deseases.