Discover the Sodex Sport solution which allows you to minimize anchoring size for the installation of your equipment.

Indeed, our multi-directional anchoring is ideal for shallow flooring.

Moreover, it allows flexibility in positioning while installing mobile handball goals, tennis/volleyball/badminton posts with bases.

Finally, the anchoring in treated and stainless steel gives it great durability.


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  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-5Placing the chemical sealant in the 125mm hole previously drilled
  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-4Insertion of the main anchoring body
  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-7Installation tool to ensure alignment*
  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-6Screwing in the retractable anchor
  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-2Screwing the sleeve to adjust the depth
  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-1Adding a coating on the lid to hide the anchoring
  • Multi-directional-anchoring-for-your-equipment-installations-3Fixing the J-Bolt anchoring in the multi-directional anchoring

*The installation tool ensures the alignment of the anchorage and prevents infiltration of the chemical sealant

into the body of the ground-anchor

For more information or to order yours, contact us : marketing@sodexsport.com