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Sport standards and security

Sport Standards

Throughout product development and design, Sodex constantly refers to international require-ments and european standards in order to be 100% compliant and provide optimal security for all of its products:.

Sport namesEN StandardsInternational federations rulesIcons
SoccerEN 748FIFASODEX EN 748
BasketballEN 1270FIBASODEX EN 1270
VolleyballEN 1271FIVBSODEX EN 1271
HandballEN 749IHFSODEX EN 749
BadmintonEN 1509BWFSODEX EN 1509
TennisEN 1510ITFSODEX EN 1510
HockeyEN 750FIHSODEX EN 750

Products safety

Our company prides itself in designing and producing high quality products which comply with international standards. Safety is one of our top priorities at Sodex Sport, where all of our equipment is tested in house, at first thanks to simulations on sophisticated software and once our products are put into production, we test them physically to ensure all parameters match the theoretical evidence.


Our products are certified compliant to international standards by an independant 3rd party organisation. This company tests our products at our factory and delivers certificates of con-formity. The tests thoroughly follow each sports standards. Do not hesitate to ask us for our certificates of conformity.



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