Sports equipment safety & resistance testing | Sodex Sport


We are thrilled to announce at Sodex Sport, over 20 sports equipment are tested and certified by Bureau Veritas for your safety and performance. Our rigorous testing processes ensure that athletes, professionals, and enthusiasts alike can trust the equipment from us


The Advantage of Dual Workshops in Football Goal and Net Manufacturing


Our dual workshops offer a competitive edge in football goal and net manufacturing, allowing for quick adaptation and compatibility.

The Winning Choice: FIBA-Certified Basketball Goals


By selecting FIBA-certified basketball goals, you benefit from global recognition, manufacturer expertise, international opportunities, and collaboration.

Why should customers purchase WA-certified equipment


We are pleased to assist you in understanding the importance of having track and field certified equipment to make the best decision for your needs.

We specialize in making nets and goals to ensure 100% compatibility


With our anti-whip net, you can focus on the experience without worrying about tangling issues.

What are the benefits for customers of having FIH-certified equipment? 


Our field hockey goals, 100% aluminium are produced in compliance with the FIH Quality Program.
By understanding these equipment strengths, you can make an informed decision and choose a goal that meets your needs.

FIBA 3x3 approval process for Sodex Sport goals


5 models of our 3x3 basketball backstops have received their certifications from FIBA, reaffirming our commitment to providing you with high-quality equipment.