At the Sodex Sport net workshop, used nets and polyethylene production off-cuts are gathered to be reused as new monofilament.

This recycling process allows us to notably reduce our production footprint by reusing all raw material without any wastage.


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  • Chutes de filets
    Gathering off-cuts from production
  • tri-chutes
    These are sorted and shredded
  • Ajout-dadditifs
    UV and color additives are mixed into the raw pellets
  • etirement-du-mono
    Fibers are melted down and extruded into monofilaments
  • tresse-en-fil-durable
    Monofilaments are braided into new thread and spooled up, ready for net production
  • Filet recyclé
    Visually, the end product is identical to our standard ranges
  • Filet de tennis recyclé sur terrain gazonné
    Installed recycled tennis net, ready for action

Our Eco-nets are made with 50% of recycled material. On a technical standpoint, recycled monofilaments are thicker than in traditional production of a same range. Designed with a limited number of monofilaments in each thread, these nets have comparable technical specificities to a traditional net.

Filet de tennis recyclé sur herbe

Our recycled nets present similar technical specificities as our traditional nets

To guarantee reliable equipment to our customers, our nets undergo thorough testing by TÜV certifying body, following international standard EN 1806. Results of these tests show our recycled nets can withhold loads of up to 986 N before failure. Making these nets standard-compliant, using testing methods EN ISO 1806. In terms of lifespan, our recycled nets are expected to last up to 5 years, sensibly identical to our traditional nets. Though some external factors such as climate may affect true lifespan.

Our nets are designed following specifications taken from international standards. These specifications can be viewed on demand.

Test filet recyclé

You can find our current recycled net productions in the 4 following disciplines:

Standard profile net for junior goal
120mm mesh - S12724RC







Box-shaped net for senior goal
145mm mesh - S12861RC
120mm mesh - S12863RCSenior-soccer-goal-recycled-net




To find out more, contact our team ! : contact@sodexsport.com