The Advantage of Dual Workshops in Football Goal and Net Manufacturing

Thanks to our dual workshops, Sodex Sport manufactures football goals and compatible nets, allowing for quick adaptation and compatibility.

1. Net workshop & Metalic workshop:

The dual workshop setup empowers us to fulfill specific customer requirements by offering customization and flexibility in goal and net design. This is achieved through independent work on various components, ensuring optimal compatibility.


2. Faster Prototyping and Testing:

The use of parallel workshops speeds up the development process by dedicating one workshop to metal products production, while the other workshop continues with netting regular output. This approach allows for efficient multitasking and ensures that both processes are effectively managed.


3. Compatible equipment:

With the utilization of dual workshops, we achieve consistent quality and quantity in our manufacturing processes. Many pieces of equipment meet specific customer requirements & international standards. This allows us to continually improve by exploring new materials, techniques, and designs.



4. FIFA certificate

Sodex Sport now joins the FIFA Quality Program Group with its partnership promotion on the FIFA website. Our premium football goal pack is now approved for use in international football matches around the world!


5. Let's begin your journey!

Overall, these benefits ultimately contribute to Sodex Sport's ability to deliver high-quality, compatible football goals and nets that meet the evolving needs of players and customers globally. 😉 Also, purchasing goals and nets at the same manufacturer can help you save costs.

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