How did we get our BWF-certified net and net post?

The BWF certification process is our industry's pinnacle in badminton equipment. It recognizes a long and meticulous study by our teams to develop this new equipment. 

Design and study by our R&D department resulted in multiple prototypes. One of these was made and tested internally to ensure compliance with BWF standards. The choice was made for aesthetic reasons as well as manufacturing criteria.

Sodex Sport applied with the BWF to qualify this model for certification. It was paired with a competition-grade badminton net also made in-house at the Sodex Sport net workshop.

The official testing procedure was meticulously analyzed :

- Rounded edges - a safe playing area for players.

- The posts must be plumb and angled to compensate for the verticality of the net.

- The base should be weighted to retain its position if players run into the net.

- Net height must be 1550mm on the sides and 1524mm in the center.

Once all these parameters were validated, the certificate was officially issued by the BWF. These posts are now available for distribution and use in high-end competitions, with any net certified by the BWF.

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 If you want to find out more about our BWF equipment, contact us at: export@sodexsport.com