Dragon climbing park

Dragon climbing park with 2.50m height is suitable for children 3 - 14 years old.





Vertical posts
Wood: Laminated pinewood classified with guarantee of quality by continuous internal control.
With autoclave treatment, protecting it from attacks of fungus, insects and termites. Finishing on aqueous base ink, specially developed to protect the wood from humidity, weather and U.V.

HDPE: Monocolour/bicolour high density polyethylene. It is a polymer so it is characterized by its resistance to corrosion and chemical products. By its capacity of elasticity and lightweight, it offers high resistance to impacts, and, therefore, very difficult to break. The non-slip surface offers security to children and the synthetic base prevents grow of bacterias and fungus. No need for maintenance.

Net: Ø16mm steel ropes coated in reinforced polypropylene fibers, connection accessories in HDPE with U.V. protection, fixing elements in galvanized hot steel.

Marine plywood: Non-slip, bonded with phenolic resins resistant to the weather and U.V., according to EL 314-2/classe 3 

Plastic parts
Slide: Hight density polyethylene, resistant to U.V., hight resistance to rupture and hight security.

Metal parts
Tubes:Stainless steel: AISI 304, Ø40mm and Ø54mm.
Fixation System: Allow its placing on the ground avoiding the wood to come into direct contact with the soil. The bottom part of these fastening are anchored in the ground. Fabricated in galvanized steel.