Mobile futsal goals. Foldable design in 100% aluminium. With counterweights

Mobile futsal aluminium goals. With foldable aluminium arches. With counterweights.


Counterweight3 x 28Kg per goal
Cross section typeRound
Cross section dimension80mm


Dimensions: 3.0m x 2.0m. White powder-coated.
Front frame in Ø80mm extruded aluminium.
Backbars and ground bars made of 60x30mm and 40x40mm.
Delivered with counterweights (3 per goal).

In order to meet the growing demand for specific futsal goals according to FIFA regulations, Sodex has recently developped this goal with a Ø80mm round front frame.

Corner joints are welded directly onto the uprights.
The sturdy double-hinge design allows flatpacking the goal for storage, without the need for tools.

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Dimension of the backbars has been deepened (1.2m) to prevent the ball from hitting the arches and rebounding out immediately

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Simple to transport and to store, designed by taking the strengths of the goal S16271, all in aluminium

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Rubber padding mounted under the goal to compensate ground irregularities

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Rubber counterweight to maintain the goal. The design reduces ball bounces

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Rubber padded stoppers on hinges to prevent arches from folding outwards