Ground sockets Ø90 with integrated lid for volleyball posts

Aluminium sockets are designed for Ø90mm volleyball uprights. The integrated lids are ideal for use in sports halls.


Cross-section typeRound
Cross-section dimensionØ90mm
Accessory typePost/Goal accessories


These ground sockets are made out of rigid aluminium which is grooved to enable sand and grit to pass through, without blocking post tubes.
Designed for volleyball posts with Ø90 profiles sold with socket caps.
The overall depth of the sockets is 500mm, the usable depth is 400mm.
The protection lid is directly fastened to the sockets in order to prevent loss and cover the structure when it is not in use.
The socket flanges are positioned at floor lever, which enables the lids to be flush with the ground, thus not sticking out, ideal for a sports hall.
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Special socket design to let sand and grit pass through, without blocking post tubes

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Integrated caps are fixed to the socket, preventing loss or slipping hazards

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Cap-slot with added surfacing up to 12mm thick