Rack and pinion winch for net tensioning

Steel rack and pinion winch, aluminium casing for tightening tennis or volleyball nets.
The winch is fastened to the posts with two nuts and bolts. Sold with crank handle.


Cross section typeRound
Cross section dimension16mm
MaterialAluminium and steel


Rack and pinion winch for tennis or volleyball net tensioning.
The casing is made out of powder-coated aluminium.
The winch is fastened to the posts thanks to two bolts (included).
The fastenings are 15cm apart.
The winch travels a total of 35cm vertically.
The crank handle can easily be removed once the net has been tightened.
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Finer tolerances and improved finish
make the mechanism run very smoothly 

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Extended reach 5cm to increase
reach and tensioning travel

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Improved sturdier design thanks to
its steel backplate