Tennis nets single sticks

Pair of single sticks in steel, white powder coated, height 1.07m. A tape measure allows checking the correct height at the centre of the net: 0.915m.

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Cross section typeSquare


These singles tennis posts allow raising the net to regulation height for singles games (1.07m).
Made out of square steel 25mm x 25mm, white powder coated.
The sticks are fitted with a 138mm x 138mm ground plate for optimum stability.
A tape measure is fastened to the side of one of the sticks in order to check the height at the center of the net (0.915m).
While installing, the cable sits on the top of the vertical plates, while the net headband is situated between said plates.

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The slightly folding base of the post gives it
good stability on the ground surface

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Tape measure on the post help to measure
the regulatory height in the center of the net (0.914m)

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Rigid clamp for holding the 1.07m net
cable without descending