Upright rider

The new design of upright rider provides bike riding simulation to improve your cardiovascular.

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Cross section typeRound
Cross section dimension90mm
MaterialGalvanised steel
ColorBlue and grey


New outdoor fitness range conform to European Norm NF EN 16630. The main frame made of zinc plated steel with powder coated.

Features: This module is ideal to reinforce lower muscles, improve coordination and flexinbility and cardiovascular.

Instructions: Sit on the saddle, grip the handlebars and put your feet on the pedals. Push one foot forward and get the pedals in motion. Vary the speed in which you pedal.

- Be careful during the access and egress to the module
- Only one person at a time

-This equipment is dedicated to adults and teenagers over 1400 mm.
-Maximum authorized weigth: 120 kg
-Not recommaned for pregnant women and for people suffering from heart deseases.

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The rotary is specially designed to improve durability and optimize performance

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The mounting plates are located below the surface of the floor for more stability and conceal the fasteners

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According to the standard, the openings present are designed to avoid any type of finger, head and neck