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Privacy Policy

We at Sodex respect the privacy of our website users.

All our teams go to great length to be as transparent as possible with our visitors in explaining what data we collect on this website and how we use it.

All terms and conditions hereunder are applicable for all users of the Sodex Sport websites.

www.sodexsport.com; www.sodexsport.fr; www.sodexsport.vn and their subsites are property of the Sodex Sport company, based at Lot G9, G10, G11 - Suoi Dau industrial Zone, Suoi Tan Commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. These websites were designed by Lokatech

- The Website refers to the www.sodexsport.com; www.sodexsport.vn; www.sodexsport.fr websites and their sub-sites.
- Users refers to all consulting and viewing our website, signed-in or not.
- Clients refers to all users who have submitted a request for access to our online documentation. Be their request accepted or not.
- Administrators refers to Sodex Sport staff who have access to the website backend. In this case, management and marketing team.

Sodex Sport commits to respecting the UE 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy of its users at all times.

Clients [users who have registered for logins to access advanced website functionalities, such as consulting and downloading our product documentation] must provide some basic personal information to gain access to these functionalities. Among which, name, e-mail and username (mandatory) to workplace, workplace address and phone. In addition to these, the Sodex Sport marketing team has access to usage information such as downloaded files per Client, for tracking purposes.

At no point do we ask for banking details or administrative personal information (passport number/ social security number / etc.).

Passwords are strictly confidential to all but the client himself.

All information is stored on a secure server and can only be accessed by administrators.

We do not store information for users, unless a request for login is filled in by their part (hereby becoming a client).

Any data collected by us is always done so with full consent of our users who have agreed to our terms and conditions. No private data shall ever be collected without prompting for your approval. The main form of approval on our website is agreed on by the use of opt-in checkboxes.

If you no longer wish for your information to be collected, or wish for all possible data concerning you to be securely deleted from our database, please contact us directly: Marketing@sodexsport.com

Our website also has integrated user analytics capabilities, which includes some tracking cookies, to measure traffic at all times. These however do not relay personal information to our platform. Information such as what country you are located in and what type of device you are browsing from will be among the information our teams will have access to, but at no time can this data be directly linked to an individual user. Google analytics may however keep this information for user preference tracking, such as YouTube video views.

This information is solely used by Sodex to send newsletters, promotion material and information about our new developments or lines of products. These e-mails are only sent to users who have given their full consent for us to do so.

If you receive these e-mails and have not given us your consent, or if you no longer desire to receive this type of information from us, you can opt-out of these via your user account on our website or contact us at the following address: Marketing@sodexsport.com

Administrators can also trace back login credentials in the event of one of our users forgetting them, however passwords cannot be displayed and require users to reset them themselves via secured automated e-mail service.

If you have an account on our website and can no longer login, please contact us: Marketing@sodexsport.com

Being able to monitor traffic and downloads on our website also enables us to guide improvements to our website and act upon online trends.

None of your information has been or shall be shared or sold to third parties. Sodex will only share information as per your request or if obligated by law. Internally, some usage data may be relayed to sales teams, via our marketing team, for commercial purposes.  The contact details of a person with whom we have not had commercial contact for 3 years will be deleted from our database. 

All of these information’s are administered and consulted by Administrators i.e: the Sodex Sport marketing team. Upper management can also access these when necessary, for user approval process, but do not handle usage data directly.

Users with login credentials are entitled to having all their personal information removed from our user database. In this event you can contact us directly (Marketing@sodexsport.com) to do so, or delete your account manually on our platform. Both options will wipe your information in a secure manner and shall not be retraceable.

Upon request, we can also forward you all information concerning your account and information our team has access to. To do so please contact us directly at Marketing@sodexsport.com.

Thank you for your understanding!



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