2.25m projection mobile foldable competition basketball goal

Competition mobile foldable basketball goals made out of steel, white powder coated, ring height can be set at 2.60m or 3.05m. Projection up to 2.25m, transparent methacrylate backboard 1800 x 1050mm.


Ring heightAdjustable at 2.60m or 3.05m
Ring diameter450mm
Backboard typeRectangular acrylic backboard
Backboard dimension1800mm x 1050mm


Design and production also follow FIBA regulations.
The range of mobile basketball goals is built for high level competition.
The main frame is made out of white powder coated heavy construction steel.
Extension spring mechanism is designed for balanced and effortless lifting/lowering of the unit.
Rectangular transparent methacrylate backboard 1800mm x 1050mm with backboard padding.
The adjustable backboard braces and support allow setting the desired height and angle of the backboard.
Ring height can be set at 2.60m or 3.05m with 2 lockable playing positions.
Projection up to 2.25m. Standard flexible ring diameter 450mm. (Net included)
The base with PU wheels (2 front single swivel wheels and 2 rear double fixed wheels) and pedestal feet can be fitted.
Additional option:
- Full 504kg counterweight.
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Counterweights and extension
springs are fully covered at all times
to prevent injuries or vandalism.

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The pedestal feet are fully
adjustable in order to compensate
possible court irregularities.

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Locking bolt on the extensible strut
can be locked in playing position
thanks to a padlock (not included).

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Non-marking PU wheels ease
transport and handling. They are
doubled in order to optimise weight
distribution to prevent any possible
damage to courts due to the weight
of the goal.