Ground fixed tennis posts in 100 x 100mm zinc plated steel with external winch systems

Ground-fixed tennis posts in white powder coated galvanised steel with square 100mm x 100mm cross-sections and base-plate. External net tensioning winch, sold with crank handle.

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MaterialZinc plated steel
Cross section typeSquare
Cross section dimension 100mm x 100mm
Net tensionExternal winch system


These ground fixed tennis posts are made out of zinc plated steel with 100mm x 100mm square cross-section, white powder coated.
Designed to be bolted to the ground thanks to its 250mm x 250mm baseplate.
Net tensioning is carried out thanks to an external rack and pinion system, sold with crank handle.
These posts are sold with two aluminium net retaining bars to keep the net connected to the posts (Vertical bars along the tennis posts).
Ground anchored accessories are included.

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Fast and strong tensioning system

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Strong 10mm thick ground plate for stability