Freestanding tennis posts

Mobile tennis posts in white powder coated galvanised steel 80mm x 80mm cross section. Anchorless design. Comes apart for easy transport and storage.


MaterialGalvanised steel
Cross section typeSquare
Cross section dimension80mm x 80mm
Net tensionExternal winch system


These tennis posts are made out of white powder coated galvanised steel, 80mm x 80mm square cross-section.
Length 12.8m, height 1.07m.
The structure is made out of two uprights with 52Kg counterweights each, and a horizontal section made out of 4 x 3.20m steel tubing in order to facilitate storage and transport.
Net tensioning is carried out thanks to an external rack and pinion system, sold with crank handle.
These tennis posts can be easily set up and do not require sockets.
Unlike most tennis posts on the market these tennis posts do not need fastening to the ground, thus making them ideal for use inside a gymnasium, sports hall or in a school playground.

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 Pedestal feet are fully adjustable

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Six built-in-wheels allow the post to be moved in one piece

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No need to dismantle the structure every time for storage

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Its counterweights are integrated in the post base