Net tensioning posts for FIFA-certified senior football goal

- Set of 4 football net support posts in Ø90mm galvanized steel with double clam cleats.
- Part of FIFA-certified premium football goal pack S12215CPTcFIFA



Height3.16m - 3.23m
MaterialGalvanised steel
Cross-section typeRound
Cross-section dimensionØ90mm
ColorBlack powder-coated
Accessory typeNet accessories
Weight55kg/2 posts


- The posts are in Ø90mm galvanized black powder-coated steel, with a 3.16m-3.23m overall height.
- This set of 4 rear net support posts (2 posts per goal) for football goals by the top rear corners, increases the top runback and gives the net a more elegant profile.
- Easy tension thanks to the clam-cleat at human height. 

The tension between posts allows for adding 5 rear tension cords, and 7 fixing points in totalEasy tension thanks to 2 clam cleats and 2 accessible straps at human heightDual pulleys allowing solid tension